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Slamed Single Channel Pipettes L

The Pipette L meets all the demands for sterile liquid handling in microbiological and molecular biological laboratories. It is fully autoclavable and resistant to UV light. Easy volume setting by turning the pushbutton avoids jamming the gloves in the knurled screw. Low spring forces of pipetting stroke and tip ejector accommodate the daily work without hand fatigue. With ten pipette models, the volume range is covered from 0.1 μl up to 10 ml.

  • perfect measuring results
  • directive calibration ISO 8655
  • fully autoclavable and UV-light resistant
  • volume setting by turning the pushbutton
  • grooved handle reduces the influence of hand warmth
  • fatigue-free operation because of the ergonomically designed handle and reduced spring forces
  • adjustable length of the tip ejector enables the use of any brand of pipette tips
  • maintenance free: components are manufactured from stainless steel and chemical-resistant plastic
  • filters in the shafts protect the 5 ml and 10 ml pipettes agains toverfilling and contamination
  • 3 year warranty
range μl
max. vol %
< %
per Pack
0,1-2L2+1,50,7147 70 001
0,5-10L10+0,50,4147 70 002
2-20L20+0,80,3147 70 003
5-50L50+0,80,4147 70 004
10-100L100+0,80,2147 70 005
20-200L200+0,60,2147 70 006
50-250L250+0,60,3147 70 007
100-1.000L1000+0,60,15147 70 008
1.000-5.000L5000+0,50,15147 70 009
1.000-10.000L10000+0,50,2147 70 010
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