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Cryo Tubes

Polypropylene with the highest translucence. For the storing and conservation of tissue cultures and biological samples e.g. sera, blood, and spermatic. Suitable for storage from general cold storage refrigeration (+4 °C) down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen. Manufactured in a Clean Room ISO 7 (UNI EN ISO 14644-1). Class 10.000 (US FED STD 209E).

  • sterilized by beta-radiation, products meet a minimum sterility assurance Level (SAL) of 10 -6
  • autoclavable at 121 °C, 20 minutes
  • completely free of DNA, DNase, Pyrogen, ATP, human DNA, and PCR Inhibitor
  • lid with integrated sealing function; no additional silicone O-ring
  • internal conical bottom for complete emptying
  • white graduation for precise measurement
  • white lettering for sample identification
  • available with internal or external threads
  • equipped with base for use with one hand
  • each tube and package is labeled with an expiry date
  • cap: PE and TVP
  • 2.0 ml, 4.0 ml and 5.0 ml tubes available also with round bottom
  • packaged in PE bags of 50 tubes in boxes
  • suitable working stations see on here
  • suitable cryo-boxes see on here
Kryo-Röhrchen mit Außengewinde
1,2Stehrand12,3 x 4120 x 501.0005110112
2,0Rundboden12,3 x 4620 x 501.0005110120
2,0Stehrand12,3 x 4720 x 501.0005110122
3,0Stehrand12,3 x 7120 x 501.0005110130
4,0Stehrand12,3 x 7520 x 501.0005110140
5,0Stehrand12,3 x 9020 x 501.0005110150
Kryo-Röhrchen mit Innengewinde
1,2Stehrand12,3 x 4320 x 501.0005110013
2,0Rundboden12,3 x 4720 x 501.0005110025
2,0Stehrand12,3 x 4820 x 501.0005110024
4,0Stehrand12,3 x 7620 x 501.0005110041
4,0Rundboden12,3 x 7520 x 501.0005110042
5,0Stehrand12,3 x 9120 x 501.0005110051
5,0Rundboden12,3 x 9020 x 501.0005110052
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