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Waste Disposal Bags BIOHAZARD yellow – Warning Instruction and sterilization indicator patch, 121 °C

Polyethylene (HD-PE).

Autoclavable disposable waste bag of very strong PE-film for the sterilization and disposal of hazardous and contaminated labware.

  • rectangle white indicator patch field turns into dark when autoclaved
  • with BIOHAZARD symbol and safety imprint in German, English and French language
  • autoclavable at 121 °C, 20 min, for autoclaving, the bag must not be completely closed
  • tested according to ASTM D1238, ASTM D638 and ASTM D1709 (Dart-Drop-Test)
W x H
per Pack
300 x 500650 μmcardboard box 1 x 5005007003100
400 x 7802250 μmcardboard box 1 x 5005007003110
600 x 8003250 μmcardboard box 1 x 5005007003120
700 x 1.1007250 μmcardboard box 1 x 3503507003130
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