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96-Well PCR-Rack

Polypropylene (PP).

Work and storage rack for 0.2 ml PCR tubes, PCR strips, and PCR segments.

  • 8 x 12 positions, micro test plate forma
  • autoclavable
  • available in five colors for the convenient identification of different types of samples
  • transparent lids available in two different heights
per Pack
PCR-Rack whitePP106114100
PCR-Rack yellowPP106114101
PCR-Rack greenPP106114103
PCR-Rack redPP106114104
PCR-Rack bluePP106114102
PCR-Rack mix-pack of 2x5 colorPP106114105
lid for PCR-Racks, 14 mm highPP106114110
lid for PCR-Racks, 28 mm highSAN106114111
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