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Low-Profile Deep-Well Plate (96)

Clear polypropylene (PP).

These 1.2 ml low-profile deep-well plates are ideal for pharmaceutics, biotechnology and diagnostics. Of the same standard dimensions (Society for Biomolecular Sciences – SBS), they are one-third lower than standard deep well plates (96). They thus require less space! Requiring some 30 % less space, they help to optimize warehouse space, hence lowering costs – especially for costly cryo-storage applications.

The cavities are some 20 % larger than conventional plates. Thus, when used with robots, they provide additional security. The chimney form of the wells reliably prevents cross-contamination. Their precise, true-to-size form makes them highly suitable for High-Throughput-Screening (HTS).

  • about half as high as conventional deep-well plates at 1.2 ml fill volume
  • SBS standard micro test plate form
  • well with significantly larger cross section
  • wells with raised rims for reduced cross-contamination
  • improved visual control due to clear polypropylene
  • autoclavable at 121 °C, 20 minutes
  • temperature resistant to – 80 °C
  • 8 x 12 wells with alphanumeric code in micro test plate format
  • optimally sealing with Ratiolab cover films (see on page 69)
  • precise design, for use in automatic pipetting systems for High-Throughput-Screening (HTS)
  • optimum space for bar code labels on the side walls
  • space-saving and stackable
Volume per Well
per Pack
1,2 Low-Profile 96UBeutel 10 x 5508101012
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