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Micro-Tubes Refill System for Micro-Racks

The Micro-Tubes are placed on an 8 x 12 tray and packed in an environmentally friendly cardboard box. The loaded tray can easily be moved from the cardboard box into the empty Micro-Rack.

  • available with coded or non-coded Micro-Tubes
  • for the very efficient, hygienic, and fast loading of Micro-Racks
  • convenient handling and reduced waste
  • pressure-tested tightness of the Micro-Tubes
per Pack
Micro-Tubes Refill-System for Micro-Racks
ratiolab ® Refill with 96 Micro-Tubes, non-coded0,65round50 Refills of 96 Micro-Tubes508200025
ratiolab ® Refill with 96 Micro-Tubes, coded 0,65round50 Refills of 96 Micro-Tubes508200026
ratiolab ® Refill with 96 Micro-Tubes, non-coded1,2round50 Refills of 96 Micro-Tubes508200005
ratiolab® Refill with 96 Micro-Tubes, coded1,2round50 Refills of 96 Micro-Tubes508200006
Closures for ratiolab® Micro-Tubes
8-cap-Stripsbag 1 x 1.000 1.0008200008
8 x 12 cover matsbag 1 x 1.0001008200009
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